Friday, November 5, 2010

Hard Candy - So Baked Bronzer Review

Hey Everyone! As you all might know, I love the Hard Candy line from Wal-Mart and have been snatching up new products here and there! I'm very sad that the new collection (including Glamoflauge and Hide and Go Cheek) isn't in Canadian Wal-Marts yet, but hope it is soon! So here is a bronzer I picked up recently by Hard Candy in the shade Tropics (second lightest).

So Baked - Tropics

Alternative View

Like my last review, I will do the pro's and cons as well as an overall description of the product! According to Hard Candy's web site (Click to go to the bronzer page) this bronzer states:
"Get baked - not fried. Baked to create a beautiful, dewy yet matte finish, the infused color found in this compact gives the complexion a hint of bronzed color for a sun-kissed look. Add a second layer of color for a deeper shade of bronze."
After reading some reviews on other blogs, I realized this probably wouldn't be as pigmented as I am used to in a bronzer. I picked up the second lightest as I am very pale but there are options for all skin types! I wanted to try for myself and this is what I think:

- Gives a gorgeous, not too shimmery glow
- Realistic bronze colour
- Feels great on skin
- Comes in a variety of shades for every skin tone
- Blends great, never looks patchy

- Packaging: all the silver and writing comes off the front which is sad because I love the design!
- Internal Packaging: Domed powder is great, but tends to make a mess when swirling the brush on top because of low side lips.
- Can be too "glowy" for oily skin (obviously not a con for everyone!)

REALLY pretty finish/Mattifies skin then adds Shimmer

As you can see, I don't have very many cons for this product! I think it is a really well thought out and well executed product with a few minor flaws in the packaging (which doesn't really matter because the product is great!) I would repurchase this for my "shimmery" bronzer and the price is great at $8.98 CAD. I also might pick up the lightest shade (Tiki) and use it for an all over glow or highlighter. (like a MAC mineralize skin finish!)


Donna ♥ Baby said...

ooo i love the swatch theres like a slight sheen to it which i really like. i do have super oily skin so i was sort of bummed when i read that but i think i'll still try it because i love the color! great review :)

Pammy said...

Nice review! I *heart*, I might have to check this one out!!! :)

almat611 said...

wow that glow is crazy! do you think it will work on darker skin tones?

Tracy said...

Hey Shaylee I see you got one, glad to hear you like it. I think you should break down & get the Tiki too!

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

Whoa! this is so pretty!!!

Glossy Boss said...

I finally found a Walmart in my area that sells Hard Candy and I'm dying to try some new things. Thanks for the review :)