Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yes To Carrots! Super Rich Body Butter

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all having a great night! I thought I would share with you one of my new favourite finds! The people at Yes To Carrots were nice enough to send me this to try out in my cold Canadian weather!

First, a little background on my (body) skin - which yes, varies wildly from my face skin! I actually rarely use body lotion or moisturizer, but lately my skin has been incrdibly itchy and tight feeling so I've been reaching for moisturizers to soothe it! I generally don't get flakey skin, or skin that looks dry - just an overall tight/itch feeling!

As you can see, this is a super rich butter! I was nervous at first because I personally don't like the feeling of thick, greasy lotion on my skin (the main reason why I don't use it!). This is why I'm not a fan of The Body Shop body butters, much too thick and I swear I can feel them on my skin for HOURS! That being said, I still want great hydration and moisturizing properties, just no residue left on my skin!

I love the consistency of this body butter! It stays so thick until you rub it in, it just melts into the skin! It also absorbs so fast and leaves your skin feeling really soft and supple but with no residue or tacky feeling! I'm in love! It relieves my tight and itchy feeling skin instantly and keeps my skin hydrated for hours! I have gotten into the habit of applying this at night, when I shower, when I bath, when I get up lol ANYTIME really! I literally carry it around my house, its kind of sad! My boyfriend also likes this! It is a totally unisex product because the scent is just like a classic lotion (not like carrots hehe) and the packaging isn't girly so this is a great buy for everyone! This would also be great for kids because it is totally natural and gentle! 

As with all Yes To Carrots products, it is super natural and contains great ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Carrot Oil and Sweet Almond, Jojoba & Olive oils. All of these are super nourishing and great for your skin! I love being able to use natural products, especially when applying them ALL over my body! Thats a lot of product that is going to be absorbed! Overall, this is fantastic and I want it again so badly! I'm already panicking about where I'm going to get my next tub because I'm not sure if I can get this in Canada! I feel like this is turing into an addiction... lol

Do you guys have some favourite body moisturizer? Have you tried this one? 
Let me know! XOXO

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Best of 2010 - Face Primers

Hi ladies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know some of you were probably out hitting the malls for some last minute shopping (I know I was!) and I hope you are now on vacation! Christmas is SO close I can't believe it - I hope I'm prepared! haha

As it is so close to the end of the year, I am doing some posts about my favourites of 2010! This post will round up my favourite facial primers - yes I said primer-s, there is more than one! ;)

Honestly, I only really started using primers this year. I have really oily skin and always found that even though primers said they were mattifying, they weren't. I would end up an oily mess by the end of the day or worse they would make me completely break out! So, the above picture is of all the primers I have accumulated this year from left to right: Tarte ReCreate Primer, CoverFX Skin Prep, Fusion Beauty Acne Control Primer, CoverFX Clear Prep, Clinique Pore Minimizer, Hard Candy Sheer Envy. I'm only going to show my favourites on this post! :)

First up is CoverFX Clear Prep. This is not only a foundation primer but an anti-acne treatment as well! Thats honestly what sold me on this product (and the sales girl at Murale said it was amazing!). This has a clear, super smooth texture - much like other silicone primers, but much lighter. It sinks into the skin and doesn't feel like there is anything on your face (bonus for us oily girls!). This also has really helped with my complexion and my skin looks much clearer (with continued use, like any skin care product!) The more I use this, the more I love it! I actually also use this at night as an acne treatment. It keeps me matte and fresh while fighting blemishes and I don't wake up with an oil slick on my face! As a primer this also works great! My foundation glides on much smoother and wears a lot longer than without primer!

Next up is Fusion Beauty Prime Results Acne Control Primer. The best invention of 2010 has got to be these anti-acne primers! This is Fusion Beauty's contender and it is a great one! This primer has a lotion-like texture as opposed to a silicone and sinks into skin very easily and completely. It has a yellow tint to counteract redness (from acne), which really does calm down the face! It contains salicylic acid and other known anti-acne properties and calming ingredients. Depending on the kind of texture I want on my face that particular day, I waver between both of these primers pretty much equally! They are both amazing options for oily or acne-prone skin! (Oh and did I mention both Canadian brands?!)

Last, but CERTAINLY not least is Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector. This is a much smaller tube than other primers on the market and is also a little different than regular primers. I like to think of this as a spot treatment or "spackle" for the face. It fills in pores like NOTHING else! I only use this around my nose and maybe my forehead to camouflage large pores and control shine. Instead of rubbing this onto the skin, you "pat" it on to fill in pores. This makes my face look absolutely flawless and keeps shine at bay all day. I usually use this over top of one of my other primers because they don't do as good of a job of filling in pores. You can use this over makeup as well, like a finishing powder - which I regularly do! If you have medium/large pores this is a must!

These are swatches of my three go-to primers! Left to right: Clinique Pore Minimizer, Fusion Beauty Acne Control Primer and CoverFX Clear Prep. As I hope you can see, the Clinique is more of a "balm" consistency that is a dry finish. The Fusion is a very light lotion and the CoverFX is a clear silicone feel. 

These are the swatches spread onto my hand. Hopefully you can see how the consistency changes. The Clinique ends up being a complete "powder" feel, which I love! The other two soak completely into the skin with no tacky feel so they are lovely for oily skin! Overall, I'm so happy that these companies have come out with primers for acne-prone skin and oily skins! I hope there are more great ones coming up in the next year! What are your favourite primers? Do you use a primer?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Urban Decay - Summer of Love Nail Polish #1

Hey ladies! As you may know, I was lucky enough to snag some great deals off Hautelook recently when they featured Urban Decay. (By the way there is a $2 Urban Decay sale tomorrow you are going to want to check out!!) This was one of the items I picked up, The Summer Of Love Nail Polish set. This is the first colour (of the 7) I have worn so there will be 6 more posts like this as I wear the others! 

First off, who doesn't love a NEON pink on their nails? I know I do so I was so excited this was included in the kit! 

I'm seriously in love with this polish and really don't want to take it off!! But, I feel like its time for something a bit more festive to celebrate the holiday season!

The name of this one is "Woodstock" (in keeping with the psychedelic feel of this kit!) As for the wear and formulation: this applies incredibly easily and coats your nail in ONE COAT! I was actually shocked when that happened! They also wear incredibly well - no chips or cracks after almost a week! (keep in mind I do have a layer of Seche Vite) but no base coat!

If you manage to find one of these sets pick it up! Its a great value and a great way to experience new and bright shades! Also, the wear is amazing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tarte Radiant & Rested Complexion Set

Illuminating Serum, Cheek Stain, Primer, Eye Brightener & Bronzer

Hi Ladies! Hope you are all having a great start to your weekend! I thought I would start mine off my sharing one of my latest purchases with you!

As you may know Sephora sent out coupons earlier this month for Beauty Insiders and VIB's ranging from $15-20 off when you made a $40 purchase. Seeing as I spend WAY too much money there, I am now classified as a VIB so I got the $20 coupon!

After much deliberating I decided on the Tarte Radiant & Rested Complexion set. I decided on this because I figured I would get the most use out of complexion products (as they are my weakness) as opposed to a giant set of eye shadows! This set retails for $55 CAD, so a little more than I wanted to spend but for the use I would get out of it, it was worth it! Heres what is included in the kit:

First up, and the main reason I purchased this, is the Smooth Operator Illuminating Serum. This product is not for single sale yet, but Tarte says it will be soon! This is a great, lightweight illuminating all over serum for giving you a nice glow under (or instead of) your foundation. 

Before Blending

After Blending
I hope you can see the great "glow" this gives to the skin without being sparkly or glittery! Its really gorgeous and adds just enough luminescence to the skin to make it look healthy and youthful! It also doesn't leave my skin greasy or "shiny" which is a big bonus. I've been using this almost everyday and it looks great under foundation or alone! I'm really glad I purchased this set JUST for this! I hope it becomes part of Tarte's permanent line soon!

Next is a Mini Cheek Stain in Glisten. I love stains, gel blush, cream blush anything but powder for the cheeks so I was very excited about this little guy! I actually haven't owned a Tarte Cheek Stain before this one but I've swatched them a lot in store and have always liked them!

Here is the stain applied to my hand with no blending, just a swipe back and forth! This is much more of a glow than a colour, once blended the colour is SO light that it actually doesn't like a blush at all. It does add a great healthy sheen, but I do prefer more colour in my blush. That being said, I will still be using this as it is very pretty!

Now we have a mini, travel sized ReCreate Silicone Free Primer. This primer is aimed towards more mature women stating that it has "wrinkle rewind technology". 

This primer is a light, lotion base that disappears almost instantly when worked into the skin. I must admit I haven't tried this on my face yet because it does feel a little thick and too moisturizing for my skin type. I prefer a mattifying primer. This one might go to my mom!

Next up is one of my favourite products from Tarte (which I already own) Park Avenue Princess Mineral Bronzer. I usually prefer more of a matte bronzer, but this one has forever changed my mind! This has no noticeable shimmer/glitter in it, but it does leave behind the prettiest sheen! Its also a great bronze colour that is good for us fairer skinned girls, and it doesn't contain any orange undertones!

I hope you can see the great golden sheen this has in the photo! It really is a gorgeous bronzer and I highly recommend it so I'm really happy there was a travel sized one in this kit!

This is actually the second reason I bought this kit, the EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener. I have been lusting over Stila's peach coloured Kajal pencil so I was super happy to see that a peach rim brightener was included in this kit! This is also not sold separately but should be available soon (hopefully!). I like to line my inner rims with a brighter colour to make me look more awake in the early mornings but white can be too much at times so a peachy/flesh tone is a great option!

It really is flesh-toned so you can't see it very well on my hand, but it is great for the inner rim! It comes in an automatic twist up pencil like Tarte's other emphasEYES pencils, but isn't quite as thin. I like that because it gives more chance that I will actually get it on the rim of my eye! I am so squeamish when it comes to anything to do with eyes that its hard for me to put a pencil on my inner rim!

I know this was a long post with a zillion photos but I wanted to get the full effect of the products across to you! I'm super happy with my purchase of this kit! Although I probably won't wear all the products together (a little too much "glow" for me) they are great to have to give your complexion a much needed boost!

Thanks for reading and bearing with all the photos! XOXO

Friday, December 17, 2010

Stila Travel Palette - Fabulous in Fiji

I love these little palettes! If you haven't seen them, they are little "books" from Stila that include 4 shadows and a convertible colour. This is the last (or so I thought..) in the series of 5, called Fabulous in Fiji. (Turns out there is a new one (the sixth) called Adventurous in Aspen..which I now NEED! lol)

As always, this comes with four shadows, a convertible colour and a mirror. I was so excited to finish my collection with this one (although it is now NOT finished lol) and was so happy when I finally found it at Murale in Canada! These all retail for $10 USD and $13 CAD, amazing deal! Of the five I own, this is my VERY LEAST favourite... I actually don't think I will ever use anything from this palette but I needed my collection to be complete! 

Here are the swatches of the shadows and convertible colour. This palette is supposed to be beachy and tropical (like Fiji!) so there are brights and a bronzing colour. The shadows are (from left), Palm, R&R, Wave and Escape  and the convertible colour is called Plumeria. As you can see the colours are very pigmented and very soft feeling, great quality! They also aren't super sparkly, just a pretty shimmer! The convertible colour is kind of orange for a bronzer but blends out nicely (I might use it in the summer). The bright blue in this palette is almost exactly the same as the bright blue in the Trendsetting in Tokyo palette. I'm really not into blue eyeshadow, or green for that matter, so this was more of a "collection" purchase than a "wearing" purchase haha. 

Do you all have any of the Stila Palettes? My favourite is Pretty in Paris (plums and neutrals) - whats yours?

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Best of 2010 - Lip Repair

Good morning ladies! Its time for me to round up all the best items of 2010! I will be doing posts on various items and categories, as well as new items (as usual!) I'm starting off with lips because it is the HARDEST thing for me to find and therefore the most exciting when I do! Living in Canada and in the DRIEST place in Canada (I don't actually know that, but I'm convinced!) I am always searching for the next best lip balm/gloss/scrub - anything to help my parched lips! Here are the best of the best that I found this year! (well, this winter - since it got so dry and cold!)

First things first. My lips get so incredibly dry that they flake and peel like nothing else! If your lips are like that, nothing will moisturize them unless you get rid of all the dead skin thats forming a barrier (just like your skin!). This is the best lip scrub I have found because it is SO intense. It is the LUSH Lip Scrub in Sweet Lips (tastes like vanilla/chocolate). The sugar grains are very abrasive, which is what I need, and get rid of ALL the dead skin cells that are blocking your fresh, new cells. This is really easy to use, I just tap the surface with my finger and that is enough sugar grains to get a great exfoliation (this will last forever!). Scrub over your lips until they feel soft and smooth, the oils in the scrub are left behind to help with moisturization! (Oh, and you can eat this! So clean up is a breeze!)

Next up is the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever found! This is Korres Lip Butter in Guava. I never thought I would find something so great for my lips, honestly! I had a 25% off (or whatever it was) VIB discount at Sephora and was desperate to find something incredibly nourishing for my lips. On a whim, I picked up this little beauty. (I actually have two of these already but they are tinted so I use them more as a lip colour). This is the best purchase I made of 2010, seriously. I know these are a little pricey at $13 CAD each but trust me they are worth it! I'm not sure what is in them that makes them so incredibly hydrating, but whatever it is I LOVE IT! This smells amazing too and doesn't feel thick on the lips. It feels super slick and hydrating without a waxy feel. I highly recommend any of these, they come in great colours too! (I've had this for less than a month and am almost half done it, thats how much I love and use it!)

Last but certainly not least, is Dermaglow's Instant Lip Gloss Plumper. This is the most unique and interesting gloss I have ever tried! Dermaglow was nice enough to send this to me (In their Thirsty Winter Lips Set) to test out against the harsh Alberta climate! And I must say, it performed more than well! I would have shown you this in the package but I literally went to the post office to pick it up, ripped the box open and tore this out and applied it right in the parking lot! haha I was hesitant if this would stand up to -30 degrees with a windchill of -40 because it looked like "just a gloss". This is anything but "just a gloss"! Sometimes I like to have more of a shine to my lips but still want an intense moisturizing treatment (hard to come by!). I also like to have a wand applicator when I'm out and about (pots seem unhygienic and are just a pain at times.) so this is GREAT! This goes on like a clear, shiny gloss but as it sets into the lips, it turns to a balm feel which I LOVE! It also plumps the lips with hydration without the stinging or tingling (which I really don't like). This has been my go-to and a permanent fixture in my backpack and purse. I apply this so much its crazy and it works amazingly! (Oh and did I mention they are a Canadian company? I should have known they would make great hydrating products!)

So, thats all of them! These are my three lifesavers and the only things that keep my lips from being crinkly, chapped messes! What are your go-to lip products? Let me know! I always want to try new things! :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

L'Oreal Touche Magique

Good Evening ladies! Hope you are all having a great day and are close to your Holiday Vacations! In keeping with my "flawless skin" quest, I have yet another concealer (highlighter - hybrid sort of deal)!

This is L'Oreal's True Match Touche Magique. It is a play off of the infamous YSL Touche Eclat in that it is an illuminating concealer that draws light to wherever you put it - as well as providing some coverage. 

I have never tired YSL Touche Eclat but I have read the reviews! I do like a good highlighting concealer though and have tried quite a few of the more inexpensive brands. The one I really loved was The Body Shop's Lightening Touch, which is super fluid and has a great sheen!

I'm a pretty big fan of L'Oreal's complexion products, so when I saw this on sale at Superstore, I had to pick one up! I got this for $9.99, and regularly at Superstore they were $11.99. As you can see from the photo, this pen is pretty small and doesn't contain much product. It has a brush applicator and a twist bottom to get the product to come out.

The brush is pretty stiff and doesn't work well for blending. I like to apply it under my eyes, on my nose to mouth fold and on the brow bone then blend with my fingers. The shade selection is fairly limited with only 6 (I think..) options that include ranges of their True Match foundations, like the light warm shades and the cool light shades etc. They do blend very well though so there is no worry about not finding a correct shade!


- Price - Not bad at $9.99 compared to other illuminating concealers
- Accessibility - You can find L'Oreal anywhere!
- Blends great
- Creates a subtle luminosity
- Good, light/medium coverage of dark circles
- Looks really natural, not cakey at all


- Small Tube, not much product
- THICK consistency, I was really surprised by this
- Limited shade selection
- Poor Brush applicator

Overall, for what this product is I much prefer The Body Shop's version. This is TOO thick for an under eye concealer because it makes it a chore to blend and you end up tugging on the eye area. That being said, this is in no way a bad product! I like to use it to cover redness on other areas of my face because it does give good coverage and a luminous finish that looks natural. If you want to try this product I would definitely not discourage it! But if you prefer something more liquid and illuminating (more like Smashbox's Photo-op) I highly recommend The Body Shop's Lightening Touch! Its only $14 and comes with much more product (I'm out of it right now or I would have done a review on that too!) 

Thanks for reading ladies! XOXO

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse

FINALLY! I'm back to blogging! So sorry I've been missing everyone, I have been finishing up final exams - there were some TOUGH ones this semester! But now they are all done so I can get to this PILE of makeup that needs reviewing! haha Lets get right to it!

This is Maybelline's newest foundation, Dream Smooth Mousse. I will tell you that I am a big fan of all of Maybelline's "Dream" foundations. I know a lot of people didn't like the Dream Liquid Mousse but honestly, thats one of my all time favourite foundations! haha I also loved the Dream Matte Mousse and Concealer so this one was an obvious choice for me!

First things first. This foundation varies WIDLY in price - its crazy! I got mine for $9.99 at Superstore. I've also seen it in Shoppers Drug Mart for around $13.99 and Rexall for $12.99. Not only that but if you are lucky enough to find your shade (only have the darker tones left) at Wal-Mart, you can pick it up for $8.49. So, that being said - SHOP AROUND!

I quite like the packaging of this foundation (even though it is rather deceiving and makes it look like you are getting much more product than you do). It comes with a really nice quality sponge in the lid, which unscrews from the base. It keeps everything compact and easy to carry with you without getting your sponge all gross from being in your makeup bag! (Bonus)

Lets go to pros and cons!


- Lightweight
- Hydrating
- Good, medium Coverage
- Looks very natural on skin
- Comes with a good quality sponge
- Inexpensive (if you know where to look! haha)
- Works on all skin types


- Shade selection for us lighter skin gals is limited and kind of pink
- Attention is needed with blending
- Very little product in jar

In summary, as you may be able to tell, I like this foundation! Its not anything extremely exciting but it does the job nicely. I like that it is hydrating without being oily and even oily skin types can wear it (I have oily skin!) It gives a natural looking, satin-dewey finish but nothing too over the top, which is nice! It also has a great "cooling" feeling when you put it on, almost like water! I would recommend this if you have dry skin most definitely! I tried multiple ways of applying this (Sponge, fingers, foundation brush & stippling brush) but the best I used was the sponge! I don't think I will be repurchasing this, although it is good, its not my ideal foundation - mostly because of the limited pink-toned light shades (I do NOT have pink undertones!) and I am wearing the lightest shade, which is crazy because I'm not THAT light! Have you guys tried this out? Let me know your experiences!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Win $300+ of MUFE!

I don't know about you guys... But I would REALLY love to win this! There may be 10 of these up for grabs at Beauty Crazed in Canada if we can help her win the Lip Look Contest!! Heres what you have to do to get in on this!!

2. Vote for Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed Lip Look by clicking "Like" again below the photo
3. Go back to Beauty Crazed in Canada's blog and comment that you did so!

ALSO for every person you get to "Like" her look, you get an additional entry! So, if you are seeing my post, please comment and let me know if you "Liked" her look so me and you can both get an entry! :)

Here is her lip look!

Gorgeous! Thanks everyone and GOOD LUCK!! 


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I am using RIGHT NOW! (Today) Tag!

Hey ladies! I'm so tired and completely mentally worn out from today! I did 4 hours (straight) of Behavioural Statistics studying for my lab exam tomorrow! I saw this cute little tag on Pammy Blogs Beauty's page (check her list out too!) and thought it would be a great way to take my mind off school and let you all know a little more about what I use everyday! 

If you ladies would like to do this post to you are officially "tagged" by me!! I love reading tags to be honest and look forward to seeing all of yours! :)

What I am using right now (today):

Cleanser: AM: Yes To Tomatoes! Daily Clarifying Cleanser/ PM: Yes To Cucumbers! Facial Towelettes (lazy!)
Toner/lotion: Mario Badescu Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion
Cream/moisturizer: Yes To Tomatoes! Daily Balancing Moisturizer
Facial mask: LUSH Mask of Magnaminty
Exfoliator: Neutrogena 3 in 1 Hydrating Acne Treatment (Salicylic Acid Exfoliator)
Face make-up remover:  CoverFX Makeup Cleansing Mousse
Eye make-up remover: CoverFX Makeup Cleansing Mousse

Shower gels/soaps:  Dove CreamOil Body Wash in Rosewood and Cocoa Butter
Body lotions/creams: Yes To Carrots! Deliciously Rich Body Butter/ The Body Shop Coconut Body Milk
Body exfoliator: Freeman Guava Salt Scrub
Hand cream: Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Antibac Lotion
Lip balm or lip treatment: Can I make a list? Okay I will lol 1) Dermaglow Morning Treatment 2) EOS balm in Summerfruit 3) Dermaglow Revitalizing Night Treatment 4) LUSH Lip Scrub in Sweet Lips 5) Korres Lip Butter in Guava - I'm not kidding I used all of these more than once today!
Perfume: LAVANILLA Vanilla Grapefruit
Deodorant: Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth in Wild Rose

Shampoo/conditioner: Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky 2in1
Mask: Aussie 3-Minute Miracle
Conditioner : LiveClean Argan Oil Conditioner

Primer: Fusion Prime Results Anti-Acne Primer & Tarte Illuminating Serum (Only in Radiant & Rested Collection)
Foundation: CoverFX NaturalFX Water-Based Foundation
Concealer: CoverFX ConcealFX Camouflage Concealer
Powder: MAC Select Loose
Blush: MAC VV Beauty Powder in Her Own Devices
Bronzer: None
Lipstick: None
Lipgloss: Just the MULTIPLE balms listed above haha
Eyeshadow: None
Eyeliner: Tarte Emphas-EYES Liner Inner Rim Brightener (Only in Radiant & Rested Collection)
Eyeshadow primer: None
Eyelash curler: None
Mascara: Ojon Restorative Treatment & Mascara

Well, there you have it! An average day-in-the-life of Shaylee's makeup routine! Although its a little pared down because I've been so pressed for time and too tired to care lately with exams! I look forward to seeing all of your "daily faces"! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yes To Tomatoes! Daily Balancing Moisturizer

Morning Ladies! Hope everyone is having a good Sunday so far! I'm taking a break from my finals studying and thought I would throw a little post on here! :)

As you may know, a while back the people at Yes To Carrots! were nice enough to send me a bunch of products to test out to help with my crazy winter skin! (Oily/dry/dehydrated/breakout prone - you name it, I have it!)

They sent me mostly the Yes To Tomatoes! line to help with my oil control and breakouts, while still nourishing and hydrating my skin. This is the Yes To Tomatoes! Daily Balancing Moisturizer. Here is what the Yes To Carrots! website says about this moisturizer:

"We know you juggle many aspects of life on a daily basis, hydrating and balancing your skin shouldn't be one of them! Let us tend to your needs with Yes To Tomatoes Facial Hydrating Lotion. Rich in antioxidants and powerful sebum (acne-causing oil) absorbers, it both moisturizes and balances, keeping your complexion carefree. So, go on, give up the balancing act and try something more fun, like the trapeze!
Having oily, breakout prone skin, I'm ALWAYS nervous to try a moisturizer. My face is generally greasy enough and I don't need more! That being said I know hydration is essential for any skin to be healthy and it can even help with breakouts to have a hydrated skin. So.. I of course gave this product a test run!

I love the packaging of this moisturizer. I really dislike putting my fingers into "pots" and "jars" because of the hygiene factor (especially scary when you have breakout prone skin). Also, air-tight pumps keep the ingredients more stable by not introducing them to air and bacteria!

As you can see this is definitely a cream consistency. (Nervous!) It is fairly thick and rich - BUT this cream spreads and absorbs well. I will be very honest on how this feels on my skin. After applying (less than one pump worth) I can still "feel" it on my skin and it does feel a little thick. I'm not sure if I can really say anything because I'm not used to wearing moisturizer so this is probably how it is supposed to feel! haha Even though this feels like a thick, rich cream - it leaves the skin looking matte after application with no excess oil or grease, just hydration. Here are some pros and cons:


- Ultra Hydrating
- No oily/greasy feel
- Calming/soothing
- Does NOT cause any clogged pores!
- 98% Natural
- Petroleum, SLS & Paraben Free
- Antioxidants
- Packaging - Air-free pump


- Thick Consistency - Stick it out because it has great benefits!!
- Smell - as with all the Yes To Tomatoes! products, I'm personally not into the fragrance but its nothing overwhelming!
- I can't get it in Canada! I'm seriously going to stock up on everything Yes To Tomatoes! Everytime I go to the states! lol

Overall, my skin has also looked continuously better since I started using this particular product range - I haven't been using anything but the Yes To Carrots/Cucumbers/Tomatoes! line! Even my facialist said my skin was looking great and asked me what I was using different!! :D I have found that using these all natural products has really helped my skin in the past few weeks and has made me realize the importance of not using anything too harsh on my skin to combat my blemishes - I think those drying products only makes it worse!

If you are struggling with blemish prone/oily skin that is dehydrated you need to get a moisturizer even though your mind is screaming "NO DON'T DO IT!" - it will really help I promise!! :)

This is an amazing moisturizer that I am so happy I tried out because it has made such a difference in my skin! The whole Yes To Carrots! brand has not disappointed me in the least! I have more reviews to come so be sure to stop back! Thanks for reading! :)

Don't Forget to Check out Yes To Carrots! here:

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Click Here to check out Yes To Carrots! Facebook Page
Click Here to see Yes To Carrots! Full range of products

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pammy's 1st Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Heres a quick post about an amazing giveaway by my friend Pammy! Shes reached 100 followers and I hope you all go check it out so she can have a 200 follower giveaway soon! :) Good luck everyone! (Click Photo to go to the Giveaway!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hautelook & Urban Decay Haul

Smoke Out Kit - Juju (browns)

Hey ladies! I don't know if you guys have heard about Hautelook or not but its a great site that has daily deals on a lot of great fashion, beauty, home etc. Back in November they had an Urban Decay sale with lots of great deals and here is what I picked up!

Although this isn't a review quite yet, I wanted to show you guys what would be coming up on my blog!

So I've been eyeing this little palette, The Smoke Out Palette in JuJu,  for a long time, ever since it came out which I think was actually a year or more ago. At first I wanted the smokey (black/grey) version but after seeing the browns it was much more my style! I love a good subtle eye with enough definition to look defined! This set comes with 4 shadows (two matte, two shimmer) a 24/7 Mini Liner in Zero (black) a little eyeshadow brush and  a mini Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara in black. I only paid about $8 for this! :)

Summer Love Nail Kit
I also picked up this great little Summer Love nail kit! I never knew Urban Decay made nail polish so I was excited to try them out! 

This kit comes with 7 mini polishes - some sheer shimmers and some opaque brights. I haven't tried any of these out yet so I can't comment on the wear, colour, etc. but I LOVE the colours! I also love the little cosmetic case it comes with - it will be coming in very handy for my purse! I only paid around $8 for this! :)

My only problem with this order is that Hautelook has extremely slow shipping and it took a month for me to receive my things! The shipping prices from Canada are also a little steep - but if you catch a great deal like these it is well worth it! 

Keep checking back for my reviews on these products! Have you ever gotten anything from Hautelook?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yes To Tomatoes - Mask

Good evening ladies! I hope you are all having a great night! I'm just squeezing in this post between my paper writing and finals studying so it may be shorter than usual (but probably not! lol) I also can't say that there will be many posts in the next couple weeks! As much as I will try to squeeze them in I have a ton of studying to do! 

So if you haven't already noticed I have a weak spot for masks! I love pampering myself and laying back in the tub with a good cleansing/oil absorbing mask! The people at Yes To Carrots! were nice enough to include this mask in my package that they sent me and I was VERY excited to see it!

Clay masks are my favourite types of masks! I have really oily skin so its great for controlling my oil and breakouts! I also have sensitive skin that is prone to rashing or getting dry patches from anything too harsh (Hello Benzoyl Peroxide..) so its hard for me to find a good oil control/acne control product to help me out! 

Here is what the Yes To Carrots! website has to say about this mask:
"Time to treat yourself. Totally treat yourself. To Tomatoes. Yes To Tomatoes Facial Mask is a total deep pore treatment that refines, purifies and even moisturizes your skin, while keeping your complexion clean, clear and balanced. Filled with potent anti-oxidants that fight free radicals, and bursting with powerful sebum (acne-causing oil) absorbers, you'll be tickled red with this tantalizing treat! Go ahead, take the time to treat yourself, your skin will thank you!"
I am in LOVE with this mask! I don't know about you guys but most of the time clay masks make my skin incredibly itchy when they are on and I can't stand to keep them there for very long! But with this mask, I find myself wearing it for much longer than I should! (Shhh!) It doesn't dry to the point where it irritates your skin and makes it really tight and uncomfortable. It just dries enough to get the extra sebum off your face and clean it out!

I'm really trying to go natural with my skin care lately. I've been seeing much better results when sticking to nourishing, natural products as opposed to my harsh acne products. My skin has actually gotten better and has much less blemishes, and I'm not even using "traditional" acne products! Who knew?

Here are my pros and cons of the product:


- 99.6% Natural
- Deep Cleansing
Petroleum, SLS & Paraben Free
- Doesn't dry out the skin
- Leaves skin feeling hydrated without greasiness
- Comfortable to have on!
- Contains antioxidants


- Smell - same as cleanser, not enough to stop my use! 
- Availability - I can't buy it in Canada :(

I barely have any cons on this product! It is one of THE best masks I have ever used! I'm super picky about my masks too because I hate the super drying ones but they still have to remove excess oil and do the job! I love that this mask contains lots of antioxidants and nourishing ingredients instead of just being a plain clay mask! I've been incredibly impressed with my Yes To! products! I still have many more to come so keep checking back!

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