Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broken Make-up

Hi everyone! So, lately I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos about make-up, skin care and all that kind of stuff mostly because I recently bought a mac palette to de-pot all of my shadows and blushes and wasn't sure how to go about it. I found a bunch of good methods with and with-out using heat (to melt the glue and make it easier to remove the pan) BUT I managed to break just about every single one no matter which method I used. That resulted in even more YouTube searches for fixing broken shadows and blushes which yielded some interesting results. I found that almost every single video used rubbing alcohol in order to re-press blushes and eyeshadows (because you need a liquid in order to make the powder malleable). In what I've seen and researched rubbing alcohol, or any alcohol for that matter, is terrible for your skin! It actually can promote free-radical damage when exposed to sunlight and the elements. Putting this in your powders in order to fix them is not beneficial for your skin so I would strongly suggest using something else to re-press broken powders. I found that eyedrops actually work well for pressing powder eyeshadows and can also provide benefits for your eyes such as anti-reddness and anti-irritation. For powders and blushes I would suggest an alcohol free toner or I was even thinking of trying Bioderma Sensibio H2O (a type of cleansing liquid). I haven't tried it yet but I just broke a blush today when I knocked my palette on the floor so I will be trying it soon. I've been considering making a video to show my techniques that I have found useful and trying to let people know about the harmful effects of the rubbing alcohol that some people suggest. I am by no means saying these peoples' advice is wrong and it is an effective method for re-pressing powder, I am only concerned about the effect it may have on the skin and am suggesting another method for people with sensitive skin or with the same concern as I have. I hope this helped some of you out! Please let me know if you would like a video tutorial for more information or product reviews! Thanks for visiting, enjoy!