Sunday, October 31, 2010

Video Tutorial Advice?

Hey guys! I need some help! I've been trying to film some video tutorials and applications but have been having a hell of a time! They never seem to work out how I want them to. There is just always something wrong! I've seen all your guys's videos and they are fantastic, and I'd love to know some of your tips and tricks for how you do them! I am not camera savvy in the least and am quite silly when it comes to technology (it mostly just doesn't make sense to me). I would really appreciate any info you guys can offer as I have no clue even where to start! :)


Pammy said...

I don't have any tips for you, but, I am curious to see what replies you get as I would like to start filming tutorials too and have absolutely no idea how to get started with that! :)

Katie said...

Hey Shaylee,
I recently started making video tutorials on my blog <a href=">PinkBeautyBliss</a>Luckily I own a video camera (it's a Sony Handycam) however it isn't HD. Then I've just used iMovie to edit them. At first it was difficult. I felt pretty awkward in front of the camera but after practice you get used to it. If you have any tech questions I'd be happy to help. I'm pretty tech savvy. It also help my bf is a computer nerd lol.


Liasbubblebath said...

If you stutter, I guess you could try to do a voice over, first of all write everything on paper and then read it. If the quality isn't great, you could take some pictures with the look and put them at the end of the video... Or just start with reviews, and when you feel comfortable ehough in front of the camera, try filming a tutorial.

I hope this helps! :)