Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm a "Concealaholic"!

I love how Benefit put it when they came out with the “Confessions of a Concealaholic” palette, because that’s exactly what I am, a “Concealaholic”! If there were only one makeup product I could have it would be concealer, hands down, no questions asked! On that note, I have quite a collection of them because I’m always looking for a new and better concealer. I have compiled a list of my favourites (for all different skin problems) and hope it helps you guys out with your quest for the perfect concealer!

Undereye Concealers

I have hereditary dark circles so I need to conceal under my eyes. They aren’t too bad but bad enough that if I’m not wearing concealer I look tired and run down. I’m always looking for a great non-cakey, brightening and covering concealer for under my eyes that looks natural. Here are a few of my all time favourites!

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer
Maybelline Dream Mousse
 I love this because its light and airy but has amazing coverage! I use it everywhere! I only got it a few weeks ago and its almost half gone :( Thats how much I love it!

Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer
Rimmel Anti-Fatigue Concealer

This is awesome because its amazingly well priced (Usually on sale at shoppers for $2.99) and covers great as well as having brightening properties! I used to use The Body Shop Illuminating pen but this gives the same results at a fraction of the price! Its super creamy/liquidy and blends great!

Benefit’s Erase Paste
Benefit's Erase Paste
This is for SERIOUS dark circle days! I don't use this as often as the other two but when you need some real coverage, this is great! It is thick and you only need the tiniest amount! You also have to blend this in really well but if you take the time and set it with powder it will give you a brightening, well covered look all day!

Blemish Concealers

I, like many others, struggle with breakouts so I need a great concealer to cover that up! I find that covering blemishes is a lot trickier than covering undereye circles or general redness. You need something thick enough to stay and cover but non-cakey so as not to draw extra attention to the blemish. It’s a delicate balance! I’ve tried so many I can’t remember them all, here are some of my favourites!

Maybelline Mousse Concealer (Again)

Another View of Maybelline's Dream Mousse
Again, Love it! I use it on blemishes for super light, non-cakey coverage with incredible pigmentation! It stays all day and looks invisible, I LOVE THIS!

Benefit’s Boi-ing
Benefit's Boi-ing
This is another great concealer! It is super a thick, cream consistency and covers anything you might need covered! I find it works and stays much better when set with powder but it doesn't crease or slip away! I have this in light and medium and mix them for my perfect shade! This is a great consistency for blemish coverage. 

Sally Hansen’s Concealer Wheel

Sally Hansen's Concealer Wheel
I like this for blemish coverage because of its thick, cream consistency as well as the array of colours and correctors. If you have major redness, you can use the green first to counteract, then they flesh shade to conceal. The yellow and lavender are also great for colour correction all over the face! This is my Dupe for Lise Watier's Concealer Wheel and is much more inexpensive!

Redness/Overall Concealers

For something like all over redness, you can’t use something thick, but it still has to provide great coverage! I get redness on my cheeks and on the sides of my mouth and eyes. I find liquids are best for covering large areas of redness so I tend to stick to those!

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
This is a great moisturizing concealer. It doesn't clog pores and has a great consistency that is perfect for blending over large areas. The best part about this concealer is the tiniest bit goes a really long way! I have two of these in different shades and mix them together to get a perfect shade! This has great pigmentation and coverage without a heavy feel!

Maybelline Mousse Concealer

AGAIN! I'm not going to put another photo, you guys get that I LOVE THIS!

Neutrogena Eye Perfector SPF 25

Healthy Skin Eye Perfector
I know this says "eye perfector" but I don't like it around my eyes. Its thicker than I like for that area (I use it occasionally for the sun protection is provides) but works really well as an all over concealer for large areas of redness! I set this with a great powder and I'm good to go! This also includes extra beneficial ingredients for skin just like the other products in the Healthy Skin line.

Overall Winners

As you can tell, I personally have a clear winner! I am in love with Maybelline’s Mousse Concealer! It works so well for me and covers everything I need covered without any cakey-ness! My second runner up is Clinique’s All About Eyes Concealer. It is super moisturizing (without being pore clogging) and provides a great amount of coverage for the light texture it has. Obviously, I also love Benefit's Confessions of a Concealaholic because it combines a ton of my favourites in one little package! (Benefit's Boi-ing (2 shades), Benefit's Erase Paste)These three are what I can’t live without and is what is always in my makeup bag! What are your favourite concealers? Let me know!


Pammy said...

I am a "Concealaholic" too! And, I have major dark circles, so I am always looking for the "next great concealor". I agree the Erase Paste is awesome! Have been wanting to try the Maybelline dream mousse, but dont think the lightest is light enough for me. I do want to check out the Rimmel one you mentioned! :)

Justine @ Productrater said...

I am definitely a conceal-aholic as well, I recently tried out the revlon age defying (red packaging) and think this one is one of the best for under the eyes.

That Sally hansen one you posted looks just like an NYC one I have, I doubt the product is the same though, I'd think SH would be much better quality.

bec said...

Great post! I love my concealer too as i also have dark circles. I use a Lancome one at the moment but might try the maybelline one, if its as good as you say - and a fraction of the cost!

great blog, i'm following, check mine out if you'd like:

Anonymous said...

Me too, me too. My dark circles are shocking and it's not from lack of sleep or water they have always been there. I am still trying to find the perfect one. Boing by benefit is what I am wearing just now but I find it doesn't stick my face very well. I will try some from your post! xxxxxxxxxx

Vyile said...

hey can you please email me at you didn't receive the gift card. Because I am not sure if gave one to you yet. Thanks.