Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mario Badescu Sample Haul!

Hey Everyone! I just got a great little haul of Mario Badescu samples, YOU CAN TOO! (click here) All I did was fill out a skin consultation form online and they sent me all this great stuff! Lets get to it! 

My Haul
First off, they give you a huge array of products to sample and they are all amazing sizes! I was so surprised! :) They did a full consultation of my skin and sent me products that I would actually USE! Which is beyond fantastic! Here is what they gave me for my oily/blemish prone skin:

They really do give you a full skin care system to try! First I got this cleanser. It is the Botanical Facial Gel and is good for combination/oily skin (as designated by the C, O, label on the bottle!)

Next, I got the Special cleansing lotion C for oily/combination skin!

Acne Treatment
This is the drying cream (sister of the famous Drying Lotion that they cannot send samples of because it must be stored in a glass jar). It is used for spot treatment of blemishes. For All Skin types.

Eye Gel
Here is the Cerimide Eye Gel I received for my dry skin around my eyes. For all skin types.

Here is the Honey/Almond Scrub (smells amazing!) for All Skin Types. Everyone needs to exfoliate!

This is the Healing and Soothing mask. It is good for All Skin Types, especially for use after the Drying mask (which I did not receive but want to try!) because it replenishes skin.

Moisturizer (Day)
Here is the day time moisturizer I got, it is the Aloe Moisturizer SPF 15! YAY sunscreen!

I love how they also send you a catalogue of all their products so you can learn more about the products you receive and new ones you might want to try! They also have a mail order slip if you want to order that way!

Personalized Routine
Seriously, they go all out at Mario Badescu! I feel like I am getting pampered at a spa with a list of recommendations just for my skin! They tell you how to use each product you receive and went and also shows the benefits for your skin! Amazing, I am so impressed with Mario Badescus service!

I am going to use all of these products (and these products ONLY) for the next couple weeks or as long as they last! After that I will do a thorough review of each product and the condition of my skin! I am so excited to see what these products have in store for me! 

Log on to their site and get some samples for yourself! CLICK HERE

PS.  They do this for everyone! I was not specially selected to review their products on my blog, nor was I sent them for the purpose of reviewing! :) So everyone ENJOY!


Justine @ Productrater said...

wow you got a lot of samples! I've ordered from them before too, they are very generous with their samples too! :)

Pammy said...

Great post! You will see a similar one on my blog soon... So, cool that we have different skin types and got different samples! I am going to test the products one at a time though because I have sensitive skin... If something dosnt work, or irritates me... Then I will know the culprit. Looking forward to hearing how these work for you!

ohyouprettythings said...

Oh my goodness! what a treat! I have been wanting to try out this stuff forever! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! :]

BeautyParler said...

MB has great products! I love their Glycolic cleanser.

Sara.H said...

WOW!! nice haul :) these look great. following you now

Hope you stop by and visit my blog too



..R May A.. said...

ooh I might try and get some of their stuff :)
great post!

Jennifer said...

oh my i gotta sign up on MB's website lol have been wondering about their stuff for a while already!

go get the MAC tartan tale blushes, they're amazingly pigmented (even more than the regular ones i'd say).


Rakhshanda said...

Hey great haul!!! Lovely products...Nice blog..Try checking out mine.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Definitely took the survey as soon as I read this and my samples are on their way :). If you have a chance, please check out my 'Dare to Wear' challenge for AIDS Charity. For everyone who recreates a look posted on my blog, my parents and I will donate money to The Stephen Lewis Foundation.
You can check it out here: