Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your One-Stop Skin Care Shop!

Hey Ladies! Hope your evenings are going well! You may have seen a similar post to this one on Pammy's blog over at Pammy Blogs Beauty - (Gee Pammy, I mention you a lot! haha) but she was the one who introduced me to this amazing site so she deserves much of the credit!

For those of you who didn't see Pammy's post, this is about a new website called MySkin.com. My main passion in the cosmetics industry is Skin Care - it is my first and true love! I mean, you can't have a gorgeous face of makeup without a great complexion right? So when Pammy mentioned this site to me I was intrigued and eager to try it out!

The Concept

This is a site that focuses on getting you better skin care. Not only does it focus on better skin care, but it is completely unbiased advice on skin care! It is so hard to find advice based on your skin without someone trying to sell you something and you know what that means - if someone is trying to sell you something, it isn't always the right thing for your skin. (NOTE: not all products being sold to you are wrong, but some sales people can mislead you - or even be mislead themselves by their company and the end result may not be right for your skin - Remember, this is my experience and opinions :) ) BUT what MySkin.com does is takes out that bias of "selling" and gives you access to a large variety of products that are scientifically researched by the MySkin team to be good for your skin type - then, you choose what you want to try! (You don't have to buy anything from them - they only suggest!) 

They have a very comprehensive questionnaire about your skin so they can understand what it needs. You can also upload your current routine and how each product is working for you so they can take that information as well and adapt the products they suggest to you. Here is a sample of what my profile and current routine look like:

It is really easy to sign up and get started creating your own routine! All you do is go to www.myskin.com and it will automatically prompt you to "Register", it's totally free and you can have a lot of fun exploring others profiles, having discussions with others about skin care and looking at their blog list of great beauty blogs you may not know about! 

The best way to explain this site is for you to go check it out for yourself! Its very easy to navigate and learn so have fun! :)

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