Friday, January 7, 2011

TAG - 15 Random Facts About Me!

Hi again ladies! Second post of the day but I thought this would be really fun (and HARD) to do as I don't do many tags! I was tagged by Priscilla at MakeupJunkie88 - hers is one of my favourite blogs and she is one of the sweetest girls ever, please go check out her blog and give her a follow! :)

Rules:  Come up with 15 random facts about yourself and share them with the blog world!
After doing this post tag 5 other bloggers to do this!

Here we go...

1. I am in my fourth year of University studying Psychology (no, it isn't my last year lol) and hope to work in a prison one day or with law enforcement - basically I want to study criminals haha

2. I have a kitten named Zoey (not actually a kitten, she's two). She is a calico (orange, black and white) and is the craziest cat I've ever seen! She runs laps around my house constantly and never stops meowing! She also plays fetch! I wish I knew there were cats like this before I got her lol at least I would have expected it!

3. One time Zoey locked herself in my dresser drawer. How? I have no idea! I could hear her meowing at the top of her lungs and couldn't find her anywhere! When I finally did I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that she got stuck in there! By the way, she didn't learn - she's done it since. 

4. I grew up in beautiful British Columbia and want to move back so badly, hopefully one day I can! I miss being surrounded by mountains.

5. My favourite food is Mexican, hands DOWN! I could eat Mexican food every day of my life and never be sick of it! I make a mean Enchilada ;)

6. I met my boyfriend (of three years) when I was 15 (no I'm not 18, there was a few non-talking years haha) at a small town in BC where we both went camping every summer. We "dated" for a week over the summer and then were friends until we started dating (for real) again. We never lived in the same city until three years ago and we have been inseparable ever since!

7. I'm a coffee addict. I have at least two cups a day but am trying to switch it out slowly for tea (works well at school because they have a great selection of tazo teas!) and my favourite coffee treat is Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Lattes.

8. I hate washing dishes more than anything. I don't cook as much as I should based solely on the fact that I will have to wash the dishes after. 

9. I'm not allowed to do the laundry in my house because "I do it wrong." My boyfriend does it all. (Score!)

10. I am going to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever in July! I am so excited, we have gorgeous dresses and amazing jewelry that the bride let us pick out! She's one of the sweetest girls I know and I'm so honoured to be in her wedding party! :) 

(This is getting really hard!! haha)

11. I can lick my elbow. They say it is "impossible" but I can do it! (now thats a truly RANDOM fact! lol)

12. I am a tomboy in the winter and girly girl in the summer! In the winter I ONLY wear hoodies, jeans, yoga pants and ugg boots. Its too cold to look nice lol. In the summer I love dresses, skirts, cute tops and heels. Talk about a personality change!

13. I don't wear makeup to school - EVER! (I have to get up at 6am and sit in traffic for an hour and a half - I want as much sleep as possible!) If the people at my school knew I had a makeup blog they wouldn't believe I even knew what makeup was! (I feel like a hypocrite!) Don't judge me! lol

14. I have met some of the sweetest girls in the entire world through blogging! I never thought I would create such bonds and friendships with girls over makeup but I have and am very appreciative of it! Believe it or not I don't have many girl friends - most of my friends have always been boys or major tomboys that I don't count as girls lol

15. I'm only 5'0". People are often surprised by this... they think I'm shorter lol

So, there it is! I hope I didn't bore you guys, I'm not very exciting! haha and I tag...

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's facts! Good luck and have fun!! :)


Priscilla aka MUJunkie88 said...

LOL!!! I love your kitty getting stuck in the dresser!!! I hate washing dishes too...thank God my daughter is old enough to do them instead!!! LOL!!

Today I learned new things about you!! Nice!!

Thank you! Its awesome to know I happen to have someone who "favs" my blog! LOL!!! Your awesome Shaylee =)

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

Even I don't wear make-up every day. In fact, if I don't even wash my face unless I have to go out or do a FOTD. I feel I am being unfair to all the make-up sitting in my drawer, but hey, it happens.

Donna ♥ Baby said...

aww thanks for tagging me! i feel like i know you better now :) those were funny to read!
your so lucky you can step out of the house with no makeup!! i cant do that. i need makeup! lol.
and LOL @ your boyfriend saying you dont do the laundry 'right' haha. cute <3
AND OMG i just tried licking my elbow right now. either you have a really long neck or a long tongue or a short arm for you to do that HAHAH <3 thats hard!!

Shaylee Anne said...

@Donna - LOL!!! I think I have a combination of a long neck, long tounge and short arms that make it possible! ;)

CleverRabbit said...

Awww! I love your number 13! Haha! So cool ;-)

I know what you mean, when the alarm goes off there's a choice - get up and have time to put your face on OR snooze snooze snooze.

Thanks for tagging me! I will do it very soon and be sure to let you know when I've done it x

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Pammy said...

Shaylee!!! I loved reading about *you*!!! :) And, guess what...I love camping too!!! :) Fun post!!! And, I totally agree, meeting some *really great* girls through blogging has been beyond aweseome!!!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

This was great! I hate washing dishes too. You should cook and then have your boyfriend do the dishes. It'd be a win-win!

Shaylee Anne said...

@Tammy - LOL! I've tried that but he hates it as much as I do!! We both just stare at them like they are going to do themselves - Plus he already does almost literally every other chore in the house! ;)

brownsmoke said...

this is so much fun to read ... and was shocking since i could relate to so many things in your list ..
i seriously hope that you can work with those criminals you want to soon becuz that does sound fun ..
not doing laundry is awesome !! i miss those days when i didnt have to do it myself either lol ^_^ and your cat is totally cute *i imagined your story and looked like a crazy person laughing at my computer lol*

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So lovely. enter my giveaway? x hivennn.