Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Shopping Channel - Heard of it?

Beauty Surprise Box!
Of course you guys have heard of it! (if you are Canadian!) Its such an underrated and too unknown place for beauty at amazing prices! If you haven't check it out, they have everything from Clarisonic to Cargo, Fusion Beauty, Pur Minerals, IT Cosmetics and Smashbox... To name only a FEW! They offer much better prices than in store, especially with their "Today's Showstoppers" and "Blockbusters"! Recently, I picked up one of my most anticipated items of the year! The Surprise Holiday Beauty Box! The Shopping Channel offers a "Beauty Box", usually, for each season! This is the first one I have purchased and now I regret not purchasing every other one I've ever seen!

The Holiday Beauty Box consists of some of The Shopping Channel's best selling products (that are kept a surprise except for which brands you will receive)! This box is seriously packed FULL of great things! It cost me $25 CAD + $6.95 for shipping, but the best part is that sometimes The Shopping Channel offers "Easy Pay" which spreads your payments out with no interest! (YAY!) But look at all I got:

Getting Closer!
Before I get into what came in the cute little box, I must say that I appreciate that they took the time to actually put it in a nice box with a nice black, silky pouch inside! These little touches make my experience so much better when shopping anywhere online!

First Photo
The amount of stuff you get in this package is insane for the $25 you spend! One of the products above is more than $25! LOVE IT!

Clockwise from Left:

- Skinn Olive & Enzyme Cleanser/ Deep Cleaning Mask (Full Size)
- Cargo Multi-Mix Bronzer (Full Size)
- Pur Minerals Mineral Light Highlighter (Full Size)
- Aloette Dual Action Bio-C Powder (Full Size)

NOTE: I haven't used any of these enough yet to review them, those will be coming up though so keep an eye out! :)

Photo #2

Left to Right:

- Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer (Full Size)
- Ojon Animated Styling Balm (Deluxe Sample Size - Still huge!)
- Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Total Regeneration Wrinkle Repair Concentrate (Full Size)
- Proactiv Daily Oil Control (Full Size)

Photo #3
Clockwise from Top Left:

- 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream (Deluxe Sample Size - Will last forever!)
- Leaf & Rusher Tx Formula (Deluxe Sample Size)
- Nick Chavez Leave-in Thickening Cream Conditioner (Deluxe Sample Size)
- StriVectin Instant Moisture Repair (Sachet)
- Elizabeth Grant Advanced Cellular Age Defence Night Creme (Sachet) 
- Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer (Deluxe Sample Size)
- Elysse Liposomal Cream (Deluxe Sample Size)
- Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men & Women (sample sprays)
- Prai Ageless Hands (Sachet)
- Perlier (Elariia) Mimosa Body Cream (Deluxe sample size)
- Luxuriant Cracked Heel Soap (Deluxe Sample Size)

Man, thats a lot of stuff! I don't even know where to start with my testing! I know a few of these items will be given as Christmas Stocking Stuffers to my mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law as I either already own them or they are not for my skin type! 

I love getting sets like this especially for such an amazing price and that include such well known product brands! Unfortunately, after showing you guys this great value, they are now sold out! :( But keep your eyes open for future Surprise Beauty Boxes because they only get better!! Also, check out their other great deals, they always have very competitive prices so make sure to check here first!

PS. The "Today's Showstopper" tomorrow is by Clarisonic! If you have been looking at getting one they will be on for (I'm sure) great prices! (I've sent my mom the link for my Christmas Present lol) We won't know what the price is until tomorrow but be sure to check it out!


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow that is a lot of great stuff! Pretty cool idea. I will have to check it out.

liquoredonlacquer said...

wow thats so much stuff!! lucky girl, Im going to check it out! Ive heard of the shopping channel; but i have never seen this beauty box! =) here is another `surprise`box - its super cheap too check it out!


Pammy said...

Wow!!!!!!! I can't get over the amount of products that you got!!! I am going to need to start watching the shopping channel, I am sure there is a US equivalent??? How fun to get that amazingly big and fun and cute box!!! You got some good things there! Cant wait to hear how you like things! Love Cargo bronzers and I hear the proactiv green tea moisturizer is very nice! So many goodies. Have *fun* girl!!! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

@Pammy - I know! Its an insane amount of stuff for such a low price! I think QVC is the American shopping channel! I think they have even better stuff than ours too! ;)

ProfeChanel said...

Wow!! Now thats what I call a bargin! Thx for sharing this with ppl like me who are in the dark...lol!

Thx so much;)

MakeupJunkie88 said...

Oh how cool!! ive seen that channel when im channel surfing but ive never really stopped and seen what they have to offer...but that box looks super cute and has great things im gong to have to check it out!

Christine said...

Thank you so much for being a part of my giveaway sweetie <3

xoxo Christine

Melissa said...

That is a TON of stuff! I don't think i've ever watched the shopping channel haha. Maybe now I should start!