Monday, November 22, 2010

Revlon Matte Suede Nail Polish - Ruby Ribbon

Revlon Matte Suede
Good Afternoon Ladies! I'm snuggled up in my house right now with a hot cup of tea (so snowy out) after a stressful morning! What better way to relieve stress than to do some blog posts! 

What I have here is Revlon's Matte Suede Nail Polish in Ruby Ribbon! I'm on a huge matte nail polish kick, ever since it came out! And personally, I think this "suede" look is even better! 

The idea of this polish is to look like suede, well, it does! Its pretty much a matte finish polish with really fine, soft shimmer to create a more 3D sueded effect. So far, I have only spotted these in three colours, this red, a forest green and a really beautiful white. I hope there is more out there because I am in love with this finish! 

I found a few tricks through trial and error that helped me get the finish and colour I wanted. I find the best way to apply this particular polish to get the true red seen in the bottle is to only apply one coat. It also looks more like a "suede" if you apply only one coat. The above photos are of my nails with two coats and I find it started to look more glossy and a really deep wine colour!


- Finish! Amazing, different "suede" finish
- Colour - really pretty deep, classy red
- Price - $2.99 CAD 
- Wear - even without a top coat, this wears better than most of my other polishes
- Dries super fast
- Applies seamlessly


- Cannot use a topcoat, ruins the finish
- I also find it applies better without a base coat
- Limited Colour selection (unless there are more I don't know about!)

This is only my second Revlon nail polish and I have been really impressed with them so far! The price is great, the colours are great and the wear is great! I definitely recommend picking up these polishes! I have yet to try the "speed dry" collection, let me know what you think of those if you have tried them! How do you guys like the "suede" look?


communicatingbeauty said...

that looks gorgeous! it didn't sound so appealing at first, but it looks really nice x

liquoredonlacquer said...

I love matte colors too!! :-) Soo fun and different, you can buy matte top coats you just have to look around,I think OPI makes one :-)

liz said...

Gosh, looks so adorable in hand.
I dont have any matte nailpolish from Revlon, and your review makes me think to buy it :)

Shaimaa said...

Look gorgeous on you hand