Sunday, November 7, 2010

Naturopathica Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Review

Hey Everyone! I thought I would start reviewing some products I've had for a while that didn't get a chance to be reviewed yet (I just cleaned out my makeup boxes so I found lots that I forgot about...of course haha)

Pumpkin Peel
Looks like pumpkin pie too!

I'm going to start with this Pumpkin Enzyme Peel by Naturopathica. If you haven't heard of this brand, its an all natural, organic brand focused in holistic health. If you want to read more about them, they have a fantastic website with all their products and information. I came to know this brand through a great spa here in Calgary called Leela Eco Spa and Studio. They have all natural treatments and yoga classes in one place all in a great atmosphere! They used this on me while I was receiving a facial and I was hooked, here are my thoughts:


- Super gentle exfoliation with no acids
- AMAZING smell, just like Pumpkin Pie!
- Leaves skin so smooth and bright
- Doesn't clog pores or leave you feeling greasy
- Doesn't dry on the skin so its great for dry skin as well as oily skin
- Only need a very little amount for full face
- Get the exact same treatment at home for a fraction of the cost!
- All Natural and Organic


- Price, this set me back $66 CAD (but it was worth it!)
- May not provide as good of results as a chemical/acid exfoliant
- Contains a lot of essential oils that may irritate very sensitive skins (cinnamon, ginger, rosemary)

Overall, I don't know if I will buy again but I will certainly enjoy what I have! I love using this mask so much because of the amazing smell and great results. If you can get your hands on any of Naturopathica's products I highly recommend them, it is so amazing to find all natural, organic products that produce great results!


Donna ♥ Baby said...

this looked like a very interesting product until i saw the sensitive skin part and the price! haha :( great that it worked for your skin though :)

*MissK* said...

LOL!! I was about to say what Donna said.. LOL!! Sucks cause sounds nice. But, my skins too sensitive..

Shaylee Anne said...

@Donna & MissK - The price is crazy I know (I had a gift certificate I had to use all at once and I had an extra $50 left over so I got this haha, so technically I only spent $10!) And I don't want anyone to have reactions to the product so I thought I would give a little warning! :)

Sarah said...

Hi, I work for Naturopathica and wanted to check in with Barbara Close, the Founder & CEO to get her response to your concerns. Here's what she had to say:

Thanks for trying our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. It truly is an amazing product as it speeds up the cell turnover rate and will give you a glowing complexion.

I wanted to comment on your concerns over naturals vs synthetics and skin sensitivity. We seem to still live in an age where people have a hard time believing that naturals can perform as well as synthetics. The irony here is that most synthetics are synthesized from natural materials. The truth is many time natural perform better than synthetics and equally true, not all synthetics are bad as some people would lead you to believe.

Here is why I mostly prefer naturals: to make synthetic ingredients, manufacturer’s isolate the most active substance from a plant and use this ingredient in a product. But plants do not work that way: plants have active ingredients and lots of secondary ingredients that have balancing properties. This is why many times people experience irritation or reactions from synthetic ingredients – they are too strong.

The Pumpkin enzymes break down the protein bonds that hold the dead skin cell together and gently promote exfoliation. We use Cinnamon, Oregano and Rosemary for their antibacterial properties as this peel is for congested or acneic skin. This is used at less than .75% so most skin types are not effected by these extracts but we recommend doing a patch test on the jawline to check for sensitivity if there is a concern.

Hope this helps to answer some of your concerns.

Barbara Close, Founder & CEO

Shaylee Anne said...

@Sarah - Thank you so much for taking the time to address my concerns! Obviously I am no skin care expert and am only going by what I have read, seen, heard and the like. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the function of the ingredients and why you use them. I love to use natural and organic skin care but, like most people, am still stuck in the "synthetics work better" state of mind that the cosmetic companies wish us to believe. Personally, I believe naturals can and probably do perform better than synthetics and I am slowly making the transition. (It takes a while to change an entire way of thinking once you have been programmed to do so!)

Again thank you so much for clarifying for me, and my readers, the functions and benefits of natural ingredients!