Saturday, November 6, 2010

e.l.f. Natural Eyeshadow Palette (Holiday Edition) Review

Hey Everyone! This post is going to help prove that this blog is 100% my opinion! Just to remind everyone everything I write is my opinion and will obviously differ from some peoples. Please know that this is only my experience and is based on my preference in eyeshadows that I am sharing with you all. :)

Natural Eye Palette 

6-pan Shadow Palette

Inside View

Swatches (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) NOTE: Red on my hand is a stamp I can't get off!

I don't own a lot of e.l.f. products because of the availability in Canada. I spotted this at Zellers along with most of the rest of their Holiday Collection. I decided I would purchase one piece to test the e.l.f. line (I only own products from their Studio line thus far.) I was really drawn to the colour of these shadows as I love a neutral brown eye! This set me back $4.99 CAD which is pretty fantastically priced! Here is what I thought of the product.


- Price - $4.99 for 6 shadows!
- Colour Selection - all fairly different from each other (although it may not seem that way in the photo of the swatches, but they are!)
- Packaging - cute, simple and sturdy black case with an applicator and small mirror! Great for in your purse.


- Consistency - the first shadow was actually gritty, and not sparkle gritty, but just gritty! They also come out chalky fairly chalky.
- Variety - all are shimmer or glitter shades.
- Light shades are low-pigmentation (need to pack them on which just leads to excessive glitter!)
- Not much staying power without a primer

Overall, I will not buy again. I'm not sure I will dabble in any of e.l.f.'s shadow products if they are all like this. There are better options for not that much more money. I haven't had great experiences with e.l.f. but I see that a lot of people love their products and wonder if I am just getting "a bad batch"? Let me know your thoughts on e.l.f. products and share your experiences and what you like about them or dislike about them! :)


MakeupJunkie88 said...

I really like e.l.f. products...i have a few products of theres and i like them alot except for some of the e/s i have like have dried a bit cuz i have to like scrub the brush to get any color on it. But other than that i really do like them!

Shaylee Anne said...

Yes! Thats exactly it! They feel like they've dried and its now really hard to pick up pigment! Once you get past that they are fine, just still a little shimmery for my taste! :) Thanks for the comment!

Pammy said...

Haven't seen these palettes! You know, I think there is a lot of variation in quality of elf shadows. I love my beautybooks (the "back to school" edition palettes); but, also, I have gotten some quads in the past that I have been dissapointed in. So, I guess it just depends! :) Thanks for the great review! I know I always appreciate a frank and honest opinion and strive to do the same myself. Some products are YMMV (your mileage may vary)...depending just on your own self. :)

Tracy said...

Shaylee I just did two posts on my fav ELF products. I think there are some GREAT things that they offer, althou I have heard poor reviews about the shadow set you picked up. I like some of their single shadows in the mineral line (i.e. pebble) but also of great value is their $1 quads. Believe it or not they are awesome. Emilynoel83 also just reviewed their 100 palette & recommended it. Check her video out if you get a chance.

Jennifer said...

thanks for the swatches! I'll ask my friend to pick this up for me during their next sale ;) missed the first one LOL!

Justine @ Productrater said...

Being from canada, you would think that I would of purchased lots of items at zellers and winners, but I have never bought anything , I get all of my stuff online. If you pay with paypal you only get charged the us shipping, and not in addition the canadian $8, so it makes stuff a lot more affordable and I always use coupon codes (there is always one). Their shadows are hit and miss I think, and these limited edition items are sometimes not so good. Great review!

Melly said...

Been wondering about buying this, but I'm glad (most my E.L.F stuff have been just crap..) I can now skip this, thanks for honest review! :)

Nikosmommy said...

I really like elf products and have picked up a few at Zellers, but more from Winners (they often carry tonnes of elf products). I recently bought a few of their "encyclopedia" pallets..9 eyeshadows, 2 cream-shades and 2 brushes. They were $8.99!!! I am NOT a fan of their glitter shadows (way too much glitter and fallout) but I was pleased with most of their other shadows. I also recently bought an elf brush set from Winners for around $10.00. It included about 10 brushes...good quality and a great price! Like Tracy said above, check out Emilynoel83's review of the large 100 elf palette....

Jennifer said...

hey :)

saw your swatch of My Highland Honey - omg it showed up so pigmented on your hand! May I ask which brush do you use to swatch it?

Shaylee Anne said...

Hey Jennifer, sorry I should have stated in the post that when I do swatches I use my finger so I get more pigmentation and concentration of the product so you can see the true colour! :)

Chic Therapy said...

there are some product i will get from them and then some wont.I like their cheek bronzer, eyeliner pen and gel mascara too

CanDailyDeals said...

hey! ELF has a 25 cent shipping offer on now, if you use paypal to pay for canadian orders it will only charge you 25 cents too. I just ordered the new flawless foundation, new concealer and tinted moisturizer, $12.xx with shipping. (this is justine from productrater by the way, I have another blog just for canadian deals, I saw you posting on lena's blog). ;)