Saturday, November 13, 2010

LUSH Tinted Lip Balm Review

Obviously, I have been on quite the lip kick! I can't help it! This time of year all I can think about is how chapped my lips are and how NOTHING helps! :( Anyways, I didn't really pick this up to help with my chapped lips, I picked it up because its adorable haha

Lip Tint - Snow Fairy
Lush has always had lip balms (untinted ones) but I have never purchased one before. I've looked at them many times but never felt inclined to buy one, mostly because I didn't like any of the scents! In that case I'm not going to be able to compare this to their original lip balms!

Inside View

These are absolutely gorgeous, extremely vivid balms! They come in 3 shades Snow Fairy (bright pink), It Started With A Kiss (bright red) and Double Choc (bronzy/brown). These are all different in intensity when applied to the lips. The It Started With A Kiss is extremely intense when applied! It comes out as a true red, almost like a lip stick! The Double Choc is more sheer with a shimmer.

Swatch of Snow Fairy
I picked the Snow Fairy because its sheer but still has a great colour to it! You can up the intensity by adding extra layers of the product. These all contain nourishing oils and butters as well as waxes to keep your pout hydrated! I'll give you some pros and cons!


- Price: $5.95, not too bad!
- Colours: All vivid with different intensities to suit everyone
- Ingredients: hydrating, natural
- Cute Packaging: love the look of little tins!


- Tins are cute, but hate digging my finger in!
- Not as hydrating as I like
- Texture is very hard, makes it difficult to get onto your finger to apply

Overall, I do love this little thing! Its been in my purse since I got it and I find myself reaching for it a lot! Although, I don't use it has a hydrator, I only use it as a colour. I apply a balm before I apply this to make sure I have no cracks or dry skin that the colour will get trapped in (just like any other lip colour!) I would really like to try the red, as it looks really pretty! Have you tried any of these? Do tell!

Final Verdict: I would recommend these! The price is reasonable and the colour is very pretty! Also they are all natural which I always appreciate when putting something on my lips. I great tinted lip colour, but not to be used as a balm (for me at least!) :)


emb said...

I have snow fairy and I think the same! Great colour, cute packaging, use it all the time but it is a little hard and not that moisturising but hey its pretty and I'm not gonna stop using it! :]

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

The color is gorgeous!! I want it :)

Anonymous said...

I had one of these but it has gone walkies and i cannot find it now :( prob only used it it tho and will defo get another!!!