Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hard Candy now at MY Wal-Mart!

Everyone in the states is probably going to laugh at this post because I know you have had Hard Candy at your Wal-Mart stores for a while now but I am SO SO excited that it is now in Canada!! I'm being super thrifty lately because it's almost back to school time so I need to start saving a little more money so I've been loving my Wal-Mart for make-up and skincare products! As I was browsing for a new matte chocolate brown eyeshadow (hard to find in a drugstore by the way) I walked right into the new section of Hard Candy cosmetics! If any of you remember the old Hard Candy that was at Sephora, I believe it is the same brand, just a different off-shoot made only for Wal-Mart because it doesn't have the same products. So here is what I picked up last week and some reviews on what I thought!

Blush-Crush (Honeymoon) This was what I was most excited about! This is so gorgeous! Usually I don't like a lot of shimmer in my products (this is purely shimmer haha) but it was sooo pretty I couldn't pass it up! It looks just as great on and I love the understated colour! I will definitely pick up another..or two..! I wouldn't recommend it for day time if you are out in the sun as it is very shimmery. I wear it in the day though, just be warned haha!

Curl Up and Dye Mascara (Venus - eggplant) I really like this mascara for the purpose I intended to use it, which is not for everyday or for all over my lashes. I have green eyes so I use this to make them pop and only use it over my regular (Maybelline Colossal Mascara in Glam Black) and on my bare bottom lashes. It just adds a hint of colour and shine that I really like! Be careful with the brush though, it tends to collect a lot of product and goes on a little clumpy if you don't wipe it off on the side of the tube! I personally wouldn't recommend this for an all over mascara or for everyday use even in the basic black or brown shades. The reason I wouldn't recommend it is because I go for volume only in my mascara, not curling or lengthening. Plus I hate the brush but it has a great formula, kind of like Maybelline Full and Soft which I also really like, I think my only gripe is with the tiny little brush that has way too much product on it!

Fortune Gloss (Fate - Blackberry) Don't be scared by the colour of this gloss it actually comes out as a really pretty (almost clear) tint of purple. I picked this up after reading about it in a magazine where it was featured and I'm really glad I did! It has a great consistency, not too thick or sticky and tastes great (very sweet and faintly of blackberries)! The packaging is really cute too, it has a little "fortune teller" in the lid (like an old magic 8 ball) where you can ask a question and it shake it to reveal an answer! There is no shimmer or glitter in this gloss (which I love) so if you are looking for that it won't be for you, I would recommend this gloss and will probably go and pick up a few more colours soon as I am now addicted to the texture and taste and even prefer it over my thousands of lip balms (which is quite a feat)!

I thought I had bought more from Hard Candy but I now realize they were all from other brands! I will continue to purchase more Hard Candy products though, I've had a really great experience with them so far, so keep your eyes open for more reviews! Enjoy!

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