Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet My Latin Lover!

I bet you thought this post was going to be about a tall, dark and gorgeously tanned man - unfortunately it is not, but I think I have the next best thing! This is Vasanti's Brazilian Bronzer. Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a giveaway at my local Rexall of a Vasanti prize pack. I was absolutely thrilled as I've wanted to try Vasanti products for a long time but hadn't purchased any yet so this was my first taste. Also see my Eyeshadow Duo, Lip Shine & Brighten Up! posts.

Included in my package was this gorgeous bronzer. I will say that I'm not a huge bronzer person in the winter because I get so incredibly fair and it's really hard to find one that is light enough for me but I do love bronzer in the spring, summer and fall. Having said that, this bronzer is in fact a little dark for me at the moment but that doesn't change my opinion of the bronzer in general (I just need a little colour, it's so cloudy here all winter!).

The packaging of this bronzer is great. I love the large mirror and the really generous pan size. It also has gorgeous artwork (which is unique to each bronzer!) on the front and printing all through the inside. The magnetic closure is another big plus for me, it stays closed even in my incredibly over-stuffed makeup bag!

This bronzer has a great colour and finish. The colour is so natural when applied, not orange or red or pink, just a gorgeous believable bronze that would work on such a large variety of skin tones. It also gives a great sheen to the skin that isn't too shiny or glittery like some bronzers can be. I tend to steer towards matte bronzers for contouring but this one is great for adding extra healthy colour and a really natural glow to the cheeks.

This is a saturated swatch applied with my finger so you can see the true colour and texture against skin. When blended out it is much more sheer. This really is a true "bronze", actually one of the most true bronzers I have ever come across and really does give you that amazing "Brazilian Glow" that we are all striving for (without the damaging real tan!). I know I'm going to absolutely love this in the summer but right now I'm just too darn pale. I can't wait to make this part of my routine so I can have a piece of my "Latin Lover" everyday!

This bronzer also contains nourishing and anti-aging benefits and is talc free. An added bonus to an already stellar bronzer.

Vasanti Brazilian Bronzer
$25.00 CAD
Available at: Rexall & Vasanti

Have you tried this Bronzer or any other Vasanti products? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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Rebecca said...

I received a Vasanti eye shadow (Tokyo) in a Glymm box late last year. Loved it so much, I scooped up an Eye Colour Palette called Manhattan 24/7 with five shades (peach gold shimmer, pink frost, rich brown, deep brown mahogany and champagne) from over Xmas. I haven't tried any of their other products yet, but I'm excited to hear that the bronzer is top notch. What other products did you win? What did you think of them?