Friday, December 17, 2010

Stila Travel Palette - Fabulous in Fiji

I love these little palettes! If you haven't seen them, they are little "books" from Stila that include 4 shadows and a convertible colour. This is the last (or so I thought..) in the series of 5, called Fabulous in Fiji. (Turns out there is a new one (the sixth) called Adventurous in Aspen..which I now NEED! lol)

As always, this comes with four shadows, a convertible colour and a mirror. I was so excited to finish my collection with this one (although it is now NOT finished lol) and was so happy when I finally found it at Murale in Canada! These all retail for $10 USD and $13 CAD, amazing deal! Of the five I own, this is my VERY LEAST favourite... I actually don't think I will ever use anything from this palette but I needed my collection to be complete! 

Here are the swatches of the shadows and convertible colour. This palette is supposed to be beachy and tropical (like Fiji!) so there are brights and a bronzing colour. The shadows are (from left), Palm, R&R, Wave and Escape  and the convertible colour is called Plumeria. As you can see the colours are very pigmented and very soft feeling, great quality! They also aren't super sparkly, just a pretty shimmer! The convertible colour is kind of orange for a bronzer but blends out nicely (I might use it in the summer). The bright blue in this palette is almost exactly the same as the bright blue in the Trendsetting in Tokyo palette. I'm really not into blue eyeshadow, or green for that matter, so this was more of a "collection" purchase than a "wearing" purchase haha. 

Do you all have any of the Stila Palettes? My favourite is Pretty in Paris (plums and neutrals) - whats yours?

Thanks for reading! XOXO


Toni Tralala said...

I have Trendsetting in Tokyo and it's my favorite so far. I believe it's out of stock now. I want just three of them since I'm not a big fan of pink.

martienna said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't own a Stila palette, but I love the colours in this one. Thanks for sharing, I might visit my murale and purchase it. ;) xx

Jennifer said...

I have Pretty in Paris (I really like it) and I picked out another one for Christmas (forget which one at the moment), I think they're so cute!

Tracy said...

I don't own any of these yet but if any of the names would get me to buy 'Fiji' would be it. I agree it's a disappointment, after looking at your swatches.

Sasmita said...

That's a fantastic combination!
Love to try it out!

Ioana Liliana said...

This looks very good, I for one really need an illuminating serum.

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