Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion (Limited Edition)

Hey Ladies! Sorry I took so long to post this today, I didn't expect to have to be stuck at work for so long! So with my Foundation purchase (which wore really, really well today on my oily skin...Like, better than powder foundation! But more on that later!) I also picked up this Limited Edition Lip Fusion Luxe Boudoir Collection in Princess!

Luxe Boudoir Collection in Princess

Theres enough fingerprints on this to get thorough DNA evidence lol sorry

Swatch - Very Glittery
Although I'm not usually one to like glitter in my lip gloss, I find this a little more tasteful than normal glittery glosses. (I may be bias because I love the original formula of Lip Fusion!) This is the original Lip Fusion formula with a SLIGHT tint and purple/blue/pink glitter. Its surprisingly pretty on! (I will try to do a swatch but my lips are so incredibly dry right now I don't want to show them to anyone!) It also gives the same plumping effects as my original Lip Fusion.


- Original Lip Fusion formula
- Plumps
- Very pretty finish/colour
- BLACK cap! Love it instead of the silver!
- Gorgeous design on the packaging
- The blue/purple makes your teeth appear whiter


- Glittery (if you don't like that)
- Sheer Colour (if you don't like that)
- Price (unless you get it at Winners like me!)

Overall, I love it! I won't wear it as much as my original Lip Fusion because of the glitter and colour but I am defeinitely happy to have it in my collection! If you happen to see these at Winners (there are two other colours available that are equally pretty and glittery) I would suggest picking one up because the price is great, you get the lip plumping benefits and a pretty colour/shimmer!


Pammy said...

That lip fusion gloss is *beautiful*!!!!! Wish I had a Winners here in the US to get these for a good cost, quite pricey otherwise...but, I *heart* lip fusion! With my fav being the Lip Fusion XL (In the solid silver tube)...LOVE it, but am out. Currently using lip fusion in blush (sheer pink, almost clear on my pigmented lips). Lucky girl with your pretty new gloss!!!! Great review!

MakeupJunkie88 said...

I've heard of those...i should try it. It looks really pretty plus I dont mind a bit of glitter =)

Katie said...

I've always wanted to try LipFusion but they're so expensive! Hmmmm maybe I will now! That color is so pretty! I love sheer, glittery lip glosses.

Shaylee Anne said...

@MakeupJunkie88 - These are seriously amazing glosses! I splurge on them but love when I find them for cheaper!

@Katie - I know they are expensive but they last FOREVER and really do work! :)