Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Annabelle's Mineral Blush (LOVE)

Annabelle's Mineral Blush in Au Natural
I really like to support Canadian companies whenever I can and thats why I really like to buy Annabelle and Marcelle products. That is obviously not the only reason though! After falling in love with Annabelle's Mineral Foundation (and I mean IN LOVE, see my post on flawless skin) I spotted this little guy in Glow Magazine (another Canadian!) as Canada's top voted blush. After reading this and having such great experiences with other Annabelle products I ran right to the store and picked it up!

Back View
In Glow, the top shade was Au Natural so I decided to go with my fellow Canadian beauty voters and pick up that shade. It is a gorgeous really natural pinky/mauve that I believe will probably look great on every skin tone! I also love the consistency of the product, its so finely milled and has faint shimmer which gives a great glow.

Swatch - Concentrated
Here is a swatch of the colour. First, I couldn't believe how pigmented it was! I've never tried a mineral blush before and kind of expected to have to layer to get the colour I wanted. This is literally such a small amount of product on my hand I couldn't believe the colour it gave! And the colour is even prettier than in the jar. I didn't blend this out just so you could see the true tone of the product but after I did blend it on my hand it was a gorgeous flush with light shimmer! I just got this and had to share it so I haven't had a chance to try it on my cheeks yet but I will definitely be using it in a tutorial soon so you can see it on the face! :)


Tracy said...

Another product to add to my shopping list. I love Annabelle eyeshadows, was planning to post a review of some of their shadows soon..have you tried them?

Shaylee Anne said...

Tracy: No I haven't yet! I would love to see your review! I saw another review on their Smudge Liners and they look really good as well!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

nice to see a fellow canadian blogger! i love annabelle cosmetics their cheap and good quality!