Thursday, June 24, 2010

First time for everything!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog about everything (that I can afford) involving cosmetics, skin care, hair care and bath and body. This blog will mainly consist of my personal reviews of products to hopefully help the Cosmetically Curious people out there get great products and save a little money along the way. I will always be 100% honest with the reviews I give and I try not to favour brands or price points (meaning I do not believe something is better based on a higher price tag). I love testing out new products and sharing my information and experiences with others. I do read labels and have a little knowledge about what can be beneficial and harmful in products that I have gathered from various sources. I hope you all enjoy my blog and please remember every review is my opinion and my personal experience with the products only. It is not to say you won't love them and they will not work for you.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and continue to read my postings!

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